Goliath by Beatrix CampbellWhat is Britain becoming? Four successive Conservative governments, a boom and two recessions have wrought seismic shifts in British social and political life. Beatrix Campbell has looked at the landscape of late twentieth-century Britain through the window of the 1991 riots and uncovered a crisis of gender and generation, policing and politics.

The explosion of lawless masculinity in cities as disparate as Oxford, Cardiff and Tyneside cannot be explained away in conventional race riot stereotypes. The target was, as much as anything the community itself. How do the firebombing and running fights relate to our new patterns of work, crime, consumerism, welfare, urban space and personal relationships? In her conversations with joyriders, police officers, community activists and ‘ordinary’ citizens, Beatrix Campbell has probed the new forms of offending, defending and sending.
This compelling and uniquely researched enquiery brings feminist analysis to bear on the history made and lived in our cities. Beatrix Campbell has exposed the personal and political at street level and written a benchmark book for this era.

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