And All The Children Cried, 2004

And All The Children Cried by Judith Jones and Beatrix Campbell

By Judith Jones & Beatrix Campbell, in collaboration with
Annie Castledine.

Two women are in prison. Their crimes? Killing children. One woman is optimistic that she will be released. The other is consumed by a sense of injustice for her, life probably means life. The women face each other, and the audience, with confessions that confront our attitudes towards crime and punishment.

And All the Children Cried first was first performed in 2004. The second half of the play consisted of an open debate on the issues raised, with guest speakers including Mo Mowlam, Clare Short, Simon Hughes and Lord Justice Sedley.

6 thoughts on “And All The Children Cried, 2004

  1. A. T. Cairns

    Dear Bea,

    Regrettably, I missed And All The Children Cried. Have you any plans for a revival? Failing that, is there a paper copy of it available to read?

    Sincerely Yours,

    A. T. Cairns

  2. Hayley Osborne


    My name’s Hayley and I was recommended my company put on a production of your play And All The Children Cried. The story sounds fascinating and I’m really interested in reading it but I can’t find a copy anywhere – could you recommend me where I could purchase a copy please?

    Thank you!


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