Beatrix Campbell started writing plays with Judith Jones in 2000. Beatrix and Judith, a social worker, had worked together on numerous projects but had never written a play.

They were inspired by the acclaimed production of Beatrix’s book Goliath which was adapted for theatre by the playwright Bryony Lavery and directed by the Annie Castledine.

They were given encouragement by Annie Castledine who believed that they could do it and supported by the then Artistic Director of West Yorkshire Playhouse Leeds Jude Kelly, who commissioned a play about women who had killed children.

Thanks to their support and the performers who contributed to the work in progress they were able to write And All The Children Cried which was a critical success, receiving five stars from the Guardian and being Critics Choice in Time Out for six weeks running. The play was performed in Leeds for a six week run in 2002, at The New End Theatre for six weeks in 2003 and at Battersea Atrs Centre in 2004.

They were commissioned by Sphinx Theatre company to write their second play Blame, which is co-produced by York Theatre Royal.

This piece is currently in rehearsal and will open in York in February, tour to Newcastle and arrive at the Arcola Theatre London in March.