Kira Cochrane – Women of the Revolution

Kira Cochrane’s latest book is a collection of “Forty years of the feminist movement as reported in the Guardian“.

It includes:

  • Mary Stott writing about Margaret Thatcher
  • Suzanne Moore interviewing Camilla Paglia
  • Maya Jaggi interviewing Oprah Winfrey
  • Polly Toynbee on violence against women
  • Hannah Pool on black women and political power
  • Andrea Dworkin on the Bill Clinton sex scandal
  • & me (Beatrix Campbell) writing about Princess Diana

“Lively, provocative, thoughtful and funny, this is the essential guide to the feminist thinking and writing of the past 40 years – the ultimate portrait of an ongoing revolution.”

The book is available on Amazon, or at the Guardian’s bookshop.

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