The Face of Louise Mensch – a Matter of Public Interest?

The Guardian has rendered a great public service in exposing the News of the World, mobile phone hacking and the difference between investigative journalism and inappropriate tittle tattle and  invasions of people’s privacy.


But what is this?


Exposing Louise Mensch for having a facelift.


What was brave, illuminating or newsworthy about sharing with Guardian readers little telltale signs of cosmetic surgery? I thought it was – as Omar might say –  unseemly. As it happens, Mensch gave as good as she got. But the game the Guardian interviewer played with Mensch, trying and failing to extract a denial, revealed more about faux journalistic heroism than Mensch’s body politics.


Are we to be enlightened by revelations of dandruff on politicians’ suits, nail biting habits, hair in ears and noses? No of course not, because that’s about blokes and who cares.



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