What Is Wrong With Men?

As part of BBC Radio 4 Today programme’s series about men, Beatrix Campbell, Tim Samuels and Laurie Penny debate how the place of men in society has changed.

You can listen to the broadcast here or by clicking the image below:

BBC Radio 4, Today Programme, What is wrong with men?

Click to hear Beatrix Campbell, Tim Samuels and Laurie Penny debate how the place of men in society has changed.

2 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Men?

  1. Jane C Woods

    I listened and wanted to hug you! Especially when you had a wee dig at Humphy & the patriarchy of the BBC. I interviewed Sarah Montague a while back who tells me BBC is far less macho place than when she worked at Sky News. But I am also friends with Miriam O’Reilly so find that hard to believe…This link contains text of her speech on ageism and sexism in media and might be of interest? http://www.changingpeople.co.uk/2012/miriam-oreillys-speech-at-ageism-sexism-in-media-conference/

    The older I get the less inclined I feel like making the arguments and the more like banging my head on the desk. What the ….! We make up half the population. It’s just plain bloomin’ wrong on every level that men still hold sway and that in no society in the world is there true equality for women. I refuse to be judged by a male yardstick anymore. I’m 57 now and find it hard to believe that we’ve not evolved further. At 27 I really thought it would be a very different world by now. Nature? Nurture? Frankly I don’t give a damn. Let’s just get it fixed.

    I’m going to find a cold flannel now.
    Lang may yer lum reek,

  2. Jenny Jones

    Hi Bea – I am out in France working on our boat – so good to hear those crisp tones and clear arguments again. I have to pinch myself sometimes to remember that feminism happened. The BBC makes no effort at all now even to pay lip service to the pronoun issue. We are all ‘men’ now and we certainly belong to ‘mankind’. HUH! i have revisited the 1980s a lot recently – there was such fun to be had at Diverse.


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